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Utah Nurse Arrested After Refusing to Allow Cop Take Blood From Unconscious Patient

Police body camera footage shows the arrest of a nurse at Utah University Hospital after she explained to an officer that he could not take blood from an unconscious patient without a warrant.The footage, from July 26, shows nurse Alex Wubbels explaining to the officer that the hospital could only allow police to take blood from a patient in cases where they are under arrest, have given consent, or when a warrant is issued.The patient was involved in a collision with a car <a href="" target="_blank">fleeing police</a>, the Salt Lake Tribune said, but was not suspected of wrongdoing. The driver of the fleeing car was killed.The footage shows Wubbels explaining the policy to Det Jeff Payne. She also consults with other hospital officials, one of whom is heard speaking on a phone saying, to Payne, “you’re making a huge mistak

Source: Storyful

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