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Shop Owner Tells Teens They Are "Not Welcome" in New Jersey Store

A group of teens on a field trip with their summer camp were asked to leave an aquarium gift shop in an incident some are calling out as racism in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, on August 10, according to the camp’s founder and <a href="" target="_blank">local media</a>.The girls reportedly entered the shop unaccompanied and were asked to leave as they had no chaperone, but upon reentering with an adult, the group were told by the shop worker that they were still “not welcome” in the shop.Attiyya Barrett’s video, which had over two-million views at the time of writing, shows her confronting the attendant over the incident and being told in response that the girls weren’t welcome in the shop. <a href="" target="_blank">North Fork Patch</a> reported that Jenkinson’s had suspended

Source: Storyful

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