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Cobb County Police Investigate After Officer Told Woman, 'We Only Kill Black People'

Georgia’s Cobb County Police said they were investigating after receiving information about a dashcam video from July 2016 that showed one of its officers “making inappropriate racial comments.”The dashcam footage shows the officer, named locally as Lt Greg Abbott, making a <span class="caps">DUI</span> stop. At one point, the woman who was stopped says she’s afraid to move her hands to pick up her phone. She says she’s seen “way too many” videos of police violence. The officer responds, “But you’re not black. We only kill black people, right?”Cobb County Police said in a statement on August 30 that Abbott had been placed “on administrative duties, pending the outcome of the investigation.”County Chairman Mike Boyce said, “I have seen the video and obviously have great concerns. I find the comments on the video repugnant and offensive beyond measure." Credit: Cobb County Police via Storyful

Source: Storyful

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